Sunday, September 26, 2010

Who plays an instrument?

I try to play guitar but I sort of suck at it. Both electric and acoustic.

I also tried piano and bass too, they're alright. I don't know, I need lessons or something. I want to play a lot of metal too and that can be pretty tricky to master.

Tell me what you play, how long you've played for and what styles of music you most enjoy playing :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Psychopath - Do You Know One?

I seriously beleive that I know a Psychopath in real life. They haven't murdered anyone (yet) but you don't have to be a murderer to be a Psychopath.

Psychopathy was first definitively described by psychiatrist Hervey M. Cleckley in 1941, who explained that it consists of specific behaviors and personality traits. In a Scientific American article, psychopaths are described as superficially charming but also self-centered, undependable, dishonest, and individuals who will sometimes do irresponsible things just because they feel like it. They are basically without feelings of guilt, love, or empathy, and thus their relationships with others are casual.

Psychopaths typically blame others for their irresponsible actions and reckless behaviors and rarely learn from their mistakes. Although about 25 percent of prison inmates meet the diagnostic criteria for psychopathy, research also indicates that “a sizable number” of psychopaths are part of the general population. Some experts have even suggested that they “may be overrepresented” in occupations such as politics and business.

Do you know a Psychopath?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mouth Wash

That shit hurts my mouth! Last night I was like 'hmm I'm gonna rinse my mouth' and BAM that shit was like battery acid in there.

I brush my teeth hard and often use mouth wash to avoid that horrible morning breath but still, the mouthwash always leaves my mouth feeling like ground zero.

There's fucking Ethanol in that shit isn't there??

Monday, September 20, 2010

Is There a God?

My beliefs are as follows. I do not believe there is a 'God' as such, I prefer to think of Him as The One Infinite Creator.

A common response to the concept of God (or Creator) is the question, 'If there is a God, why does he allow bad things to happen?'

I would respond thusly. 'Asking why God allows suffering is tantamount to asking why your children are allowed to learn while they are in school'. Do you understand?

We are all given the tools of negativity, they are a catalyst. It is up to you how you choose to use the tools provided to you. Has fighting fire with fire ever worked for you?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

TV - Hypnotizing The Masses?

Televisions emit a certain frequency that put the mind into a trance-like (Alpha?) state which leaves one very open to suggestion. A lot of people can even hear this high pitched ringing when a TV is switched on.

Have you ever noticed how you seem to go into a daze when watching a TV show? I sure do. When you think about this for a little while it brings to mind disturbing ideas.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dehydration - Do You Drink Enough Water?

This is something I want to spread awareness about. We are in the middle of a dehydration epidemic. Drinking too much coffee and carbonated drinks has almost completely destroyed our thirst reflex to the point that most people detect them as hunger messages instead! This is bad, this is really really bad.

Our bodies are over 75% water, and our brains over 90%!!

This isn't a big long do-gooder rant, but I want everybody, right now, or in the next five minutes to get up, and go drink a glass of water.

That's it. Report back after you've done that and tell me how good it felt :)

Dinosaurs - Did They Turn Into Birds?

So did they or what??

The more I watch a bird just doing it's thing, the more I begin to see things in the mannerisms of that bird that remind of what a dinosaur would have looked like.

I saw on TV once a doco where a scientist reckoned it was impossible to bring dinos back using DNA trapped in amber, but what he DID say was that he could possibly bring them back by reverse-engineering bird DNA until eventually out comes a dinosaur at the other end.

What do you think?? Should they do this?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Who here takes it for legit reasons? I've been trialing it for anxiety and it works well, however I hear you don't wanna get hooked on this shit.

Who else has experience with Valium or other Benzos, can they fuck your shit up? Is there a large potential for abuse/dependency?

I actually really enjoy your input guys, thanks a lot!! :)

- Jess xo

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Zombie Apocalypse

It's coming!! What are your plans? Here's mine:

I live in a country which has very strict gun laws. So what I plan to do is 'acquire' an angle grinder and generator from the local Home Depot, and, whilst fighting off hordes of Zombies I'll make my way to the sportsman's warehouse store.

Once there I will use my grinder and generator to hack through the racks holding the guns in place, grab a shit ton of ammo and go hole up *somewhere* I haven't figured that out yet.

I am guessing the Zombies will be like in the game Left 4 Dead 2, some fast, some slow, other's gigantic, fat and gross.

Your thoughts?

Big Boobs or Small Boobs?

Which do you prefer? I have big boobs, I've had them since my early teens and didn't realize they were such a big deal until later on.

Girls who don't have them can be kinda mean about it but most girls are cool.

Recently, Breast Reductions have been getting a lot of press and to tell you the truth I think it's a crime! Girls pay big money for a chest like mine and here these girls are getting theirs lopped off! I don't understand. But then again there must be a reason they do it.

Are guys into small boobs or are these girls making a big mistake?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Death Metal

Does anyone get into it?? I love Death Metal. I think that if you're gonna listen to heavy music you may as well go full tilt.

The musicians are usually more like athletes than musicians, the speeds they play at is unbelievable. Bands like Suffocation, Gorguts, Malevolent Creation, Death etc. I like more old school DM.

What do you listen to?

The Lottery

You know the feeling well - you've just bought a lottery ticket, and deep down inside you allow yourself to fantasize, just for a minute, about what you would do with MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!!

I've never won the lottery and I don't know ANYBODY who has, either. I was thinking the other day...could it all be a big scam?

I am DESPERATE to know before I waste anymore of my money on these damn things. Is the lottery for real, do you know anyone that has won millions??


Yep, boobies. I have a question, do you guys think it's ok for a girl to use what she's got up top (chest region) to her advantage? I'm talking financially, to get out of speeding fines, to pass her driving exam, to get seated in a restaurant quicker, to get promoted, to get doctors prescriptions of the 'funner' know what I mean. I want real serious discussion here!

Personally, I don't do it! It's like I don't NOTICE that I apparently have big tits etc. When I first started my space here I was BLOWN AWAY by the reaction, I really had no idea that guys thought of me that way! I guess I was young and naive.

So what are your thoughts? Is it ok or is it just wrong and unfair?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

PS3 Vs XBox 360

Well, which one will it be? I own a PS3 and frankly I think it SLAYS the Xbox. I AM bummed that Left 4 Dead 2 was never released on PS3 but overall I still think PS3 is the better system. The Blu Ray player is excellent not to mention it UPSCALES regular DVD's to High Definition which kicks ass.

What do you think??

So Hey!

Hey Guys Welcome to My (new and improved) Blog!!

Myspace blogs was starting to suck. So here's where you'll find me for quite some time :)))

- Jess xoxo

A Spooky Witchcraft Story from England

The following took place somewhere in north-west England in the summer of 1971. Steven Dundley was 16 years old at the time, and a promising young Royal Air Force Cadet. It was a Saturday night, which saw Steve and the other Cadets restless on the. Steve and his fellow cadets lived on the base, and there was always little to do that didn't involve chores or physical training.

The time was approaching midnight. Having admitted defeat, most of the cadets had given up the search for adventure and headed off to bed. Steve and a few of the more determined cadets however had other ideas. As they all sat around talking, one of the boys offered up a means to end their boredom. A few months back, an older cadet had revealed a rumour surrounding an old abandoned house that was visible from the base, high up on a hill. This house was the supposed gathering place of Witches, where Satanic rituals and other acts supposedly took place. On hearing this, the boys scoffed. Of course, they exclaimed, the senior cadet was taking the younger for a fool, having a laugh at his expense.

Wanting urgently to re-gain his standing amongst his peers, the young cadet, named Paul, suggested a late night excursion out of the base and straight up to this purported house of horrors. A plan was quickly devised and so, before they had any time to reconsider, the young cadets sett-off on their daring mis-adventure. It was decided that Paul would set off up the hill alone, and that once he had made it to the house, he would flash a torch beam twice to signal his arrival and to prove he had made it up to the house. 

Paul’s attitude at the time as Steve recalls was almost blasé. Not only were the boys sneaking off-base, they were also effectively trespassing. However nobody could have cared less than Paul seemed to at that moment. The wind was blowing. High up on the hill, the house loomed. No-one seemed to be occupying the house, there was no lights, sounds, indeed nothing that would indicate that anybody was living there.

The cadets stood gathered at the bottom of the hill with more than a little trepidation. Quickly and without so much as a word, Paul took the torch from Steve and set off up the hill. It seemed he wanted this challenge he had volunteered himself for over with. The boys quickly lost sight of Paul in the darkness. They stood and waited. A minute passed. Then two. No sight of Paul, nor any torch beams. Slowly a feeling of dread crept up on the boys. Steve being the oldest of the group, he started to feel that something was wrong about what they were doing.

Suddenly, a torch beam flashed on the hill. Again, a second flash, clearly coming from right up next to the house. Excited and relieved, the boys waited for their friend to return. It wasn’t long before they heard footsteps coming down the hill heading in their direction. Squinting in the darkness, they could just make out the figure of a person. Once it got closer they were relieved to see that it was Paul. Hurriedly they questioned him on what he had witnessed. But something was wrong. Paul wasn’t saying a word. Steve took the torch from Paul’s hand and shone it on his friend to check him over. He appeared fine apart from a few leaves stuck to his jacket. Again they asked him what he saw. Receiving no answer, Steve pointed the torch towards Paul’s face, and shock stopped the boy’s questions dead.

His face was pale as snow, his expression blank. It became clear that Paul was in no shape to be answering questions, they had to get back to base right away. When they arrived back they went off to their own bunks and not another word was said. The young cadets awakened the next morning to find Paul was gone. An enquiry to head office revealed that Paul had left the RAF Cadets that morning. He was never heard from again.