Monday, September 20, 2010

Is There a God?

My beliefs are as follows. I do not believe there is a 'God' as such, I prefer to think of Him as The One Infinite Creator.

A common response to the concept of God (or Creator) is the question, 'If there is a God, why does he allow bad things to happen?'

I would respond thusly. 'Asking why God allows suffering is tantamount to asking why your children are allowed to learn while they are in school'. Do you understand?

We are all given the tools of negativity, they are a catalyst. It is up to you how you choose to use the tools provided to you. Has fighting fire with fire ever worked for you?


  1. I've never been religious. I prefer to just stick with no god.

  2. I'm not a religious person but i would like to think there is something. still i wont let it change the way i live my life

  3. "The One Infinite Creator"
    A kind of superior universal force?


  4. there is no god...

    simple as that, it was just "man" who created him

  5. No god, no problem. The concept of an interventionist creator is anomalous with what we see. It's not that there is just any evil it's the massive amount. It's not that there is a little injustice it's that the injustice is ever pervasive. That people who have somehow been touched by a creator are the most likely to kill and enslave others. It just doesn't appear that t here is an interventionist god.

  6. Youre not taking a convincing approach. You dont really have any closure on what God really is. You just said, "I don't believe in a creationist god, but i believe that god is the sole creator of everything." Not very deep. How can God have created everything? Dig into this shit:
    God is, in my mind, a manifestation of the energy of good, which in itself is a catalyst that drives the motor of evil. Much as what Newton said, every force must have an equal and opposite force. The creation of everything we have today was, by happenstance, a product of all these catalysts working with and against each other. Its prevalent in all forms of science and math, things which can be proven with relevance to the real world we live in. Spiritually, things are the same. The energy which provides life is what we call the soul and the energy has a catalyst, not a source. The catalyst is the astral realm, that of which there is nothing, when nothing cannot be defined without existance of something tangible, to be what it is not.

  7. I always wonder why god is always referred to as a masculine pronoun.

  8. intresting point of view there.

  9. i have the conception of a ONE CREATOR OFF ALL> Religion is good for only one thing. Making order in the haos, for that i gove tham a plus the rest is business.

  10. I believe in some kind of higher being that created the universe and i also believe that we have souls with which we can exist someway after we die.

  11. I don't believe in a God, and don't follow a religion. I believe scientific theories about creation. I do think following a religion to better your everyday lives is a good thing though.

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  13. You are on to a great way of thinking. That can balance you, in my opinion.

    The bottom line is no one knows jack shit. Everyone believes something.

    The only relevance to our own personal belief is the relevance we place on it.

    I think infinity is right there before us, begging to be observed and accepted as a big part of reality. Considering what we perceive of the universe, there is no probability that infinite realities are not plausible.

    So, considering this, it seems plain to me that no being is allowing anything to happen. Anything can happen.

    The only thing that matters in our life is our thoughts, our choices, our actions and it has nothing to do with any other person, being or entity.

    If there is a secret to life and I know it, how does that help you? It doesn't in any way, unless you discover it, no matter who or what the source is that gets you to see it.

    So when it comes to any particular religious or spiritual belief, whether it is the answer is solely up to you and no one else. No one can decide that for anyone else. Unless a person surrenders their own personal choice to someone else by adopting that persons belief without critical thought.

    I am surprised I saw this when I did, Jessica, haha.... I told you it would be hard to follow you on another site, but if you keep blogging so regularly it will be easier than I thought. That is cool....

    By the way, I wrote a blog on my view of infinity and the impact it has on our possibilities as humans. It would be cool to know your thoughts on that.

    Have a great day.

  14. I had something relating to this on my page. And no I'm not a believer or follower.

  15. I believe there is a god but I don't believe he cares about us our requires prayer

  16. dunno if theres a god, but your fucking hot.

  17. ...because god gave humans free will.

  18. deep philosophical question youre posing. Im no fan of organized religions but I myself feel that something must have started this mess of a universe.

  19. you should read OOlong Caloofids trillogy, "Where god went wrong", "somemore of god greatest mistakes", and "Who is this god person anyway"

    Just in case you have not seen or read where I'm getting this joke from check out the "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" movie or books.

  20. Good post! It should be made into a famous quote

  21. While I was born & raised catholic, I have formed my own opinions that would probably get me ex-communicated from the church ... wow, that's a real threat. Personally, I do believe that there is a spiritual guide we all have that doesn't give us total bliss, but challenges us to be the person we're meant to be in life.

    Also, I feel organized religion is one big crock. How people can read stories in a book, read it, have someone tell them the "absolute" meaning and not be allowed to form their own opinions of it is preventing people from being human. Plus, don't even get me started on "We're on a mission of God" or "God's wants me to stone non-believers"

  22. Superman is Jesus, and is therefore God. Think about it.

    God sent his only begotten son, Jesus, to Earth.

    Jor-El sent his only son, Superman, to Earth.

    Both protected people and inspired others to do good. Both lead a humble, mild mannered life.

    Jesus died to save us from our doom.

    Superman died to save us from Doomsday.

    But 3 days later, Jesus rose from the dead! Hundreds of people saw him, and he ascended into the sky!

    But 3 weeks later, Superman rose from the dead! Hundreds of people saw him, and he ascended into the sky!

    Jesus fights Lucifer.

    Superman fights Lex Luthor.

    Jesus goes off to the desert to be alone and speak to his father.

    Superman goes off to the Fortress of Solitude to be alone and speak to his father.

    Both have earth fathers who died.

    Both possess powers far beyond that of mortal men.

    Both had Jewish writers telling the story.

    Face it, Superman is Our Lord and Risen Savior!!!